Atlanta Summer Camps (June/July 2020)

Directed by Nithya Chidambaram, Georgia State President

Camps offered in this session

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Session Highlights

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Participant and Parent Feedback

"My favorite thing in creative writing was when we made commercials! It was so much fun! I love writing now! It was so much fun writing about different topics it was great! Thanks so much for the fun!" - Kavya

"Shooting Stars Origami camp was a fun summer learning experience for my son. Neha was an excellent origami teacher - She not only taught new things during class but also offered videos to catch up with the work after class. This camp helped my son remember his Origami interests and get back to doing Origami on a daily basis. It was such as relief that this occasional Origmai work at home gave him a much-needed break from the screens." - Madhavi

"Working with Shooting Stars turned out to be an awesome collaboration. We chose to work with them because it was clear that they see the value in educating our children for the future. That is a value that our organizations have in common. All throughout the process they kept the lines of communication open. They were always polite and professional. Most importantly the kids enjoyed building their very own websites. The project was a complete success! We deeply appreciate the opportunity and look forward to working together again soon." - Renea Mitchell (pictured) and Charles Johnson

"The speech class was so much fun! I got so many new friends, we got to play some games and watch some speeches. We learned about how to write an intro, types of speech, body paragraphs, the differences between a speech and an essay and so much more. We learn all of these and much more and write a speech bit by bit and at the end of the week we presented it. I think that YOU should join this fun and amazing camp" - anonymous student attendee



Shubhangi Khanna 
Northview High School

Model UN Secretary-General

CT Chidambaram
Cloud Security Architect, HPE

Atlanta Coaches - Reflections

Nithya (director) - Speech & Creative Writing

"Spending time coaching and getting to know the students for these two weeks was easily the best part of my Summer. The best part of coaching was being a mentor and a friend to the students.I loved being able to have fun with them while they learned how to improve their speaking and writing skills. It didn't matter that we couldn't see each other in person, we still had just as an exciting and productive camp online! Even though all of us couldn't see each other in person, we still had an exciting and productive camp online! In both speech and creative writing, the students were awesome. They were talented, imaginative, and they always went above and beyond for each activity. On one of the days, I tasked the students with making a commercial. They did an excellent job working together an creating an impressive 30-second commercial in just one day of class. They definitely convinced me to buy myself a few scented erasers and headbands!"

Neha - Origami

"I learned how to plan lessons and teach/help my students. I was not sure whether people would be interested in a unique art like Origami but it was great when it did happen. It was interesting to observe different personalities and adapt to everyone's experience levels. I also realized the importance of communicating well with parents and students. This was my first time sharing one of my hobbies with others and it was a really great teaching experience. The students enjoyed learning different types of Origami from me and the stop motion animation project was the highlight. Once students got the hang of folding, they started creating models on their own and that motivated me to teach more. The camp was really fun and I look forward to doing it again!"

Sahil-Speech & Creative Writing

"My experience with the Creative Writing and Speech classes was fun. I enjoyed teaching kids about writing and editing speeches. I enjoyed watching the students improve and learn. I felt that was important to contribute to the community during these unprecedented times, and this was the perfect way to do so. I enjoyed everything about what these classes had to offer."

Kritika- Tiny Scientists

"I learnt how to explain concepts in new ways to help kids understand better. I also learned how to be more creative, since I had to make homemade materials for the experiments.I also learnt how to be a better communicator since I had to message parents about questions. One of the experiments that we did was creating a DNA model with candy, and I didn’t have candy at home. Instead, I rolled out dough and colored it so that I could demonstrate. I enjoyed interacting with the kids and answering their questions the most."

Srivya- Bollywood

"I coached Bollywood dance this summer, and I enjoyed it so much as dancing is my favorite pastime. Dancing together was a way for all of us to stay entertained , and if I was having a bad day, it was a way for me to escape reality for a while. It was an amazing experience to teach young kids these dances, and as they put so much effort into learning them, I could see how they loved dance and found a profound passion for it. Although it was online, dancing together helped bring us all closer in a sense of unity and joy. It also helped me gain more knowledge on how to teach dance and certain techniques to help them learn faster. It was the best experience I had during this quarantine, and I loved to see the kids grow as dancers just in a week. So grateful for this opportunity!"

Ananya- Web Design

"It was such a pleasure to teach kids HTML and CSS for many that were even learning it for the first time! The best part of the camps was interacting with students while coding along with them.By the end of the camp, it was so nice to see how some students took basic concepts and were able to create their own more advanced websites. From these camps, I also learned how to be a better communicator between students and parents and learned new things along with the kids. During times like these, I really felt like these camps were the highlight of my day and that it was the perfect thing to spend my time doing."

Shreya- Bollywood & Web Design

"I had so much fun teaching the Web Design and Bollywood Dance Summer Camp. It was such a great experience, and I’m so happy that I got to share my love of coding and dance with others. I really enjoyed working with all the kids. It was so nice to see that they were really interested in and enthusiastic about what we were teaching them, and by the end of the camp they wanted to learn even more. I really enjoyed seeing their faces light up when their code was working or they finally figured out a dance step. I learned a lot as well throughout the camp, and it was a great way to spend the summer."