We are excited to invite you for an evening of unique socially mindful outdoor culturals with one of a kind dance bingo, fun offline competitions, dazzling dances by esteemed groups and a special chaat cart dinner - all to support education for underprivileged students across the globe.


An evening of dazzling dances and electrifying music fused into an unique interactive bingo game - with delightful dinner - to support education for underprivileged!!!

As part of Rangeela Mela 2021, multiple offline competitions are being held. On the event day, winners for these offline challenges will also be announced. Please have your contents (photos and/or videos) for the below given challenges submitted on time to have it displayed on the event day!. A passion for our culture and a flair for participating is all you need to experience this extravaganza of Music, Dance, Band, Art and Baking.

Age Categories:

  • Petite (Under 10)
  • Junior (10 - 18)
  • Adult (19 +)

Winning Prizes:

  • 2 prizes for best content/performance selected by a panel of judges
  • 1 prize for best content that receives most number of likes on our Facebook page


  • Early Bird Admission Adults Age 12+: $15.00
  • Early Bird Admission Kids: $10.00
  • Sale ends on Aug 7, 2021


  • Registrant must purchase ticket to register for a challenge
  • Every ticket purchased will enable the registrant to participant in one of all the 5 challenges
  • Only one ticket purchase/registration is allowed per email address (so, please choose your challenge appropriately)
  • Each ticket will be provided 1 dinner box at the event
  • Participants must be present at the event to receive the prizes

Rules for the challenges:

Battle of the band:

- any movie song

- minimum 5 minutes

- can be one or medley of songs

- minimum of 3-30 band members are allowed to participate

- Submit video clip of your band playing to https://tinyurl.com/rangeelamela2021 by Aug 18 2021

Music challenge:

- smule,sing or play an instrument

- any popular movie song

- minimum 3 minutes duration

- exclusively solo entries only

- upload video clip of your music rendition to https://tinyurl.com/rangeelamela2021 by Aug 18 2021

Dance challenge:

- any popular movie song

- minimum 2 minutes

- solo entries only

- upload video clip of your dance performance to https://tinyurl.com/rangeelamela2021 by Aug 18 2021

Art challenge:

- submit your creative art work

- paintings/drawings on paper,canvas or fabric

- size between 8x10 and 18x24

- Winning entries will be displayed at the event

-  Submit photos and time-lapse video of your art to https://tinyurl.com/rangeelamela2021 by Aug 18 2021

Baking challenge :

- only one cake per participant , must be home cooked ( not store bought)

- must be 100 % edible

- photos and time-lapse video of baking must be submitted to https://tinyurl.com/rangeelamela2021 by Aug18 2021

- submissions will be judged on creativity , originality and appearance

For all challenges:

Registration Ends: Aug 15 2021
Registration Link: https://shooting-stars-foundation.org/dance-fundraiser
Send your entries to https://tinyurl.com/rangeelamela2021 by Aug 18 2021

Please buy tickets for the entire family, enjoy the event and support the cause !!!

All you need to do is: Buy a ticket, Register yourself for the competition(s) and Submit your content! And most importantly, Reinvent yourself and Rejuvenate your passion!!!

For any questions please feel free to contact rangeelamela2021@gmail.com