Rangeela - 2020

We are excited to invite you for an evening of dazzling dances, unique musical bingo & useful COVID-19 information with delightful dinner delivered to your front door to support education for underprivileged students across the globe

The Zoom Event includes:
MUSICAL BINGO - A one of a kind event - that features live professional musicians perform popular movie songs for a Bingo game played by the entire audience to win exciting prizes!
GROUP DANCE COMPETITION - A competitive group dance performances of teenagers and adults providing a visual treat to the audience!
COVID PANEL - A short segment about the most common and most needed questions about COVID responded by Specialists in the Medical field
DINNER DELIVERED - Yes! - we plan to deliver hot dinner boxes to your doorstep so you can sit, relax and enjoy this evening of wonderful entertainment (delivery areas mentioned in the ticketing link)
OFFLINE SOLO COMPETITIONS -  Solo competitions mentioned in the below poster are also conducted to help you rejuvenate and rekindle your passion this summer. The winners of this competition will be announced during the show
Get your ticket now - to support this great cause and to have a splendid evening!


See below - a list of offline challenges we are conducting to help you spend this summertime fun and engaging. The winners for these competitions will be announced during the Zoom call show on September 26th!

Reinvent yourself and rejuvenate your passion.

A passion for our culture and a flair for participating is all you need to experience this extravaganza of Music, Dance, Band, and Art offline competitions offered in addition to the Rangeela event. 3 best performances will be announced for each category during the zoom call on September 26th.

Age Categories:

  • Petite (10 and below)
  • Junior (between 10 - 18)
  • Adult (19+)

Deadline to Register (by buying tickets) : Sept 13th, 2020

Deadline to submit entries: Sept 18th, 2020
Submit an entry to rangeelapdx@gmail.com

Rangeela Music Challenge - Sing your favorite song and upload your music in Smule, or play an instrument and upload the video in Youtube and win prizes at the Rangeela show.

  • Exclusively solo entries only
  • Any popular Indian movie song
  • Minimum 3 minutes duration (unedited recording)
  • Send link to RangeelaPdx@gmail.com
  • Instruments - Guitar, Piano, Drums, Veena, Violin, Trumpet or Saxophone

Rangeela Dance Challenge - Calling Portland Dancers! Show off your dance moves and get your moment of fame!

  • Any popular Indian movie song
  • Minimum 1-minute duration
  • No age restriction
  • Solo Entries allowed
  • Share video uploaded in a drive with RangeelaPdx@gmail.com

Rangeela Art Challenge - Kindle your creativity with your artistic talent.

  • Send a picture of your hand-drawn Art to RangeelaPdx@gmail.com
  • Painting or Drawings accepted in Paper, Canvas or Fabric
  • Size between 8X10 and 18X24

Rangeela - Battle of the bands

  • Any Indian language light music
  • Minimum duration - 5 minutes
  • Can be one song or medley of songs
  • Minimum 3 and maximum of 10 band members

Enjoy these competitions in the last few weeks of summer while helping fund a great cause!

Dance Fundraiser

High school students passionate about dance can organize fund dance fundraisers. This is both a fun event as well as fund raiser for college sponsorships. The leaders of Shooting Stars get to plan all logistics for the event, as well as showcase the work done by Shooting Stars, that will influence more people to support the cause

Program Elements :

  • Get several dance companies students to showcase their skills
  • Involve audience in dance workshops
  • A night of fun and reflection
  • Expose Shooting Stars work to a wider audience and increase community support

Funds generated from these events are solely used to educate college students to graduate college. See Scholars page

San Ramon BollywoodBashFlyer
San Ramon Bollywood Photo Collage

San Ramon Bollywood Bash - March 10th 2018

Shooting Stars very first Bollywood Bash fundraiser was started in San Ramon during March 2018. With the initial expectation of 200 attendees, it became a whopping success with close to 600 ! The event turned out to be a hugely successful fundraiser pulling the community together for a common cause of breaking the cycle of poverty through college education of underprivileged students. The organizers were able to raise funds for about 6 underprivileged students for all 4 years of college around the world!


Bollywood flyer with dance schools general
Fremont Bollywood Collage

Fremont Bollywood Bash -June 2nd 2018

Following San Ramon’s success with a dance fund raiser, the Fremont chapter of Shooting Stars followed suit. Several dance schools gave impressive performances, the top one was a warm dance performance from a differently abled group. They received a standing ovation. The Fremont fund raiser attracted about 250+ attendees and were able to raise enough funds for about 3 low income students for all 4 years of college. It was a night of scintillating dace performances, dance lessons and informal dancing through the night.