1. Shooting Stars Foundation (SSF) solicits projects from ages 12 to 22, worldwide, to propose and/or execute a project to help out with the  COVID-19 crisis.
  2. The proposed project must comply with the ‘Shelter-in-Place’ order according to WHO and CDC guidelines. 
  3. SSF will provide a grant of $100 and up towards supplies / software licenses / any expensable item towards the project if the project gets approved for implementation.  SSF recommends that the grant money is used to carry out proposed project, and send back reports.
  4. Approved projects will be recognized in Shooting Stars website as well as relevant events !


  1. Projects can be in any category as long as they :
    • Targets a specific problem created due to the COVID situation 
    • Solves a specific related issue
    • Example categories can be -  Awareness, Preparedness, Personal Hygiene measures, Data Analysis, Stabilizing affected businesses, Screening/Testing/Monitoring
  2. For approved projects to be implemented :
    • The solution can be monitored and reported
    • Impact can be measured and reported
  3. The proposed projects must comply with the guidelines from the World Health  Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

For example, your project cannot involve you and your friends getting together to go around your locked-in-place neighborhoods


  1. Make sure your proposal addresses any of the 3 pillars of SSF: Educate, Enable, Empower.
  2. In your project proposal, include details of:
    • Problem Statement 
    • Recommended Solution with Specifics 
    • Detailed Action Plan
    • Intended Results
  3. If Applying for Grant and approval for implementation
    • Timeline (Should be within 3 months from start of project)
    • Budget
    • Achieved Results with any statistics / relevant photos
  4. The deadline to submit your proposal is May 15th, 2020. Decisions will be announced June 5th. 
  5. Once project is approved and execution started, need a monthly report of the project progress and a detailed report with facts / data sheets / photos etc after the completion of the project


Head judge:

Agnes Handayani, Global Tax and Treasurer, Mastronardi Produce.  
Meera Patel, Regional President for Scholars for America, North Carolina Chapter.
Shyam Thakker, Lead teacher of Second Chance Program at Redford Union School District.
Moeljadi Santoso, Director of Quality Assurance, Digital Surgery Solutions, Johnson & Johnson. 
Amalu Mathew, B.S. in Electronics and Communication Engineering.  
Litty Joseph, Assistant professor, Department of Commerce and Management, St Joseph's college (Autonomous) Bangalore.