August Summer Camps 2020


  • Each camp session costs $25.
  • Class participants will be communicated in WhatsApp (Messaging Platform) after registration for specific class times to allow maximum flexibility for the participants.
  • Each class will be conducted through zoom meetings.


  • Email
  • Text 703-944-8947


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Camp (Grades 2-5)FlyerHigh School Coach Experience
Chess (12 PM to 1 PM EST) (9 AM to 10 AM PST): Learn the basics of chess and some clever strategies to beat your opponents! Has been playing chess for almost 8 years consistently. Played against many skilled players and developed a strong foundation for the game.
Proficient chess player with 3 years of chess playing experience. Attended and participated in different events and competitions.
Has been playing chess with professional players for 6 years. Been a member of chess clubs for 3 years.
Coach #1: Vishal
Coach #2: Srikar
Coach #3: Arun
Creative Writing(1 PM to 2 PM EST) (10 AM to 11 AM PST): Develop writing skills by channeling creativity into fun stories and projects! Experienced writer, honors English courses, previous experience with creative writing and experience with placing in top three for writing competitions
Coach #1: Sanjana S (Left)
Coach #2: Kashvi J. (Right)

Book Worm Club(2 PM to 3 PM EST) (11 AM to 12 PM PST): Explore new literature, play story-based trivia, and engage in in-depth conversation! Experienced reader/writer/speaker, Honors english courses, experience with analyzing and discussing literature.
Coach #1: Sanjana S (Left)
Coach #2: Kashvi J. (Right)

Speech & Debate(3 PM to 4 PM EST) (12 PM to 1 PM PST):Strengthen public speaking abilities and learn to be a skilled and effective debate! Won many awards in debate including, 1st place in the state championship and 1st place in a local competition, 2nd place in speech (public speaking), four years of experience. Experience in public forum in debate.
Coach #1= Kashvi J. (Left)
Coach #2 = Rakshitha T. (Right)

Tiny Scientists Camp(4 PM to 5 PM EST) (1 PM to 2 PM PST): Conduct exciting science labs using supplies found at home! Taken honors science courses, has previous experience teaching science to children
Coach #1: Sanjana S (Left)
Coach #2: Rakshitha T. (Right)

Web Design(5 PM to 6 PM EST) (2 PM to 3 PM PST): Learn to build and design personalized websites using HTML and CSS Has attended coding programs, and worked with softwares such as Visual Studio Code. Has experience with building websites and executing code through various programs.
4+ years of Java, HTML, JavaScript, and Python experience. Have been participating in competitive programming for the last 3 years.
Two years of experience with Java and Python. Competed in programming competitions such as ACSL and Vex Robotics.
Coach #1: Vishal
Coach #2: Srikar
Coach #3: Arun
HOSA (6PM-7PM EST) (3 PM to 4 PM PST): Get an introduction to the club/competition HOSA while exploring the basic content of the 6 competitive event categories. Students will improve their presentation/writing/research skills and learn about medical topics such as nutrition, pathophysiology, and anatomy. Both coaches have competed at state for multiple years, qualified for the international competition (ILC), and Placed top 10 at the international competition
Coach #1: Kritika B (Left)
Coach #2: Varsha V. (Right)

Python(1 PM to 2 PM EST) (10 AM to 11 AM PST): College student who has taken multiple computer science courses. Has been developing for over 5 years and contributes actively to open-source projects. Also has experience teaching software development.
Coach #1: Samuel O. (Left)
Coach #2 Vignesh (Right)